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Our Difference

A place where kids accomplish big goals


As parents of a child with a disability, you're likely up to your neck with advice and recommendations. Parents' main problem often isn't lack of knowledge, but, instead, lack of time, energy, and general expert skill required to facilitate the numerous activities. This is where Canadian Centre For Development comes in! Although we happily provide parents with home-therapy strategies, that is simply a supplement to our #1 focus during appointments, which is on treatment! We'll utilize the full appointment to lay our therapists' hands on your child, engage your child, stimulate your child, and work with them to get them just that tiny step closer to their goals. If, during your child's appointment, you need to step away and have a break to yourself, we understand. After all, having the most important job in the world (being a special-needs parent) can take a heavy toll, so don't be shy to take a break if you need it. You deserve it! We're happy to provide home-therapy strategies to you at the end of your child's session or even afterwards. 



We understand the stress that parents experience having to run around the city to various appointments with their kids. Having too coordinate many different provider's bookings and availability. It's a lot of work, and, unnecessarily, takes away from that family's ability to progress their child and general quality of life. This is why we've set up to bring as many therapy types as possible under one room. Allowing parents to combine appointments, and/or at the very least, only have to travel to a single place, relieving the stress that comes from going to new environments. 


You won't find cookie-cutter services or advice here. No matter what your child's diagnosis might be, they are unique and we will look at them as such. We'll assess their specific needs, challenges, goals, and strengths, and, in collaboration with the parents, decide on a therapy plan that will be most fitting specifically for them. No two kids are alike, and hence, no two treatment plans should be either. 



Unfortunately, our medical system isn't designed to assist kids whose inch-stones are achieved slowly, or whom sometimes even regress. Our medical system often gives up on our children of high-needs, before it's even gotten the chance to know them. But the parents haven't given up. The parents know their children best and continues to have great hopes for their children. We are here to support you, the parent, achieve whatever hopes and dreams you've set out for your child. We'll never tell a parent that their child "will never be able to ______". It's simply not our place. And we'd be lying if we told you that we know for certain. Nobody does! We'll be here to work with you and support you and your child in achieving your big dreams, no matter how long it takes us to get there. Let's get there together! 

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