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TheraTogs Suit


About TheraTogs

TheraTogs was invented in 2002 by the physiotherapist Beverly Cusick. She is a respected clinician and teacher with over 35 years of experience in pediatric neuromotor rehabilitation. Cusick wanted to provide support to her clients by offering tools that would help carry-over clinical efforts.

TheraTogs can assist with advancements in the child's skills and reduce degradation to joints, pathomechanics, and compromised neuromotor health. In harmony with TheraTogs garments, you may notice your child has improved posture, gait, balance, movement skills, and body awareness. TheraTogs promote optimum bone development and joint stability. If purchasing a set of your own, you can see it as taking your therapist's 'hands' home with you.

How do TheraTogs Work?

TheraTogs is a collection of garments and strapping products that improve posture alignment, joint strength, and stability for children with sensorimotor impairment. TheraTogs are used during therapy and can also be worn between sessions so that your child can benefit from additional hours of their benefits. The garments are worn next to the skin, under the clothes, and gently grip the wearer's soft tissues to generate biomechanical changes and optimize therapeutic and orthotic results.


Who Can Benefit from TheraTogs?

It is scientifically thought that children under the age of 7-years can benefit from wearing the TheraTogs strapping system. TheraTogs can improve functioning joint alignment and affect healthy changes before bones and joints mature and harden and surgery becomes the only corrective option.

How are TheraTogs Used in Therapy

Your therapist may recommend using TheraTogs during a therapy session to help your child's motor performance throughout their exercises. Additionally, if you are looking to acquire a set for your own for home use, CCD's physiotherapists can help guide you on which TheraTogs to purchase, based on your child's abilities, challenges, goals and size.

If acquiring TheraTogs for home use, Canadian Centre for Development recommended that your child wears them for 6-10 hours each day. This will enable the child to reap the additional therapeutic benefits of stability and motor skills while taking part in their normal daily activities such as feeding, playing and sitting.

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