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Trexo Robot

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About the Trexo Robotics Gait Training System

Tréxō Robotics designed Trexo as an "exoskeleton" for children with disabilities. The creator of Trexo understood the disadvantages of people, especially children being sedentary for too long. This carefully designed machine allows children with disabilities to engage in assisted walking and reduces the time they spend sitting. As Trexo is a fairly new development, there is limited scientific research published but through clinical use physiotherapists have seen incredible changes. Some of these changes include:

  • Functional stretching within safe and comfortable limits

  • Movement in space that stimulates the vestibular system

  • Repetition of correct gait pattern

  • Alignment correction

  • Rhythm and speed training


Children who are mobile on their own, who use the Trexo with a physiotherapist see changes in their gait pattern such as improved alignment and increased stride length.

Research done on similar devices have shown improvement of gait and cerebral functioning, but an additional benefit to the Trexo is that it is completely mobile. Other devices are limited to a treadmill, the Trexo can go on any open flat ground.

Canadian Centre for Development in Calgary is the only clinic in Western Canada to have a Trexo for public use.

How does the Trexo work?

After an assessment is completed by a trained physiotherapist, they will decide if the Trexo will be beneficial for your child; with the assessment complete, the Trexo is set up to each child's needs. The Trexo works by keeping the child's body in alignment during the gait cycle. Through this correct alignment, results in gait speed and coordination can be seen, as well as increased balance and posture.

Who can benefit from the Trexo?

Trexo can be beneficial for many children; with its versatility Trexo can be used by children who need maximum support or by those already mobile who might need help with their endurance or gait. Trexo is available to use by many children, and a physiotherapist will determine if it is the right choice for your child.

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