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Full Body Vibration Therapy


About Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration is a practice where the individual stands, sits, or lies on a machine with a vibrating platform. This vibration transmits energy to the body, and strengthens muscles by forcing them to contract and relax several times per second.

It has been shown that this approach can improve the formation and maintenance of neuromuscular junctions — the site where nerve cells and muscles communicate — resulting in enhanced muscle strength in different situations.

How does Whole Body Vibration Work?

As each wave moves through the body, some of the energy is absorbed by the tissues of the body and is converted to heat. Muscles and joints feel and operate better when they are warm. Whole Body Vibration has been proven to create a warming effect in muscles and joints faster and easier than other types of exercise.

The movement of the platform also causes movement in the joints of your body which has a mobilising effect and causes the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints to stretch and vibrate.


Who can benefit from Whole Body Vibration?

Whole body vibration therapy decreases coordination deficits, reflex excitability, and spasticity, positively affecting gait, gross motor skills, increases joint mobility, and improves strength in patients with cerebral palsy, with effects lasting up to 30 minutes after treatment. Long-term benefits of vibration therapy include increased muscle mass and bone-mineral density, improved gross motor function, strength, gait and mobility, reduced muscle tone and spasticity. Both core, arm and leg exercises are performed on the vibration platform, improving overall strength.

Research done at the University of Auckland (2023) has demonstrated the positive impact vibration therapy can have for children. The was study conducted with children aged 5 to 12, with diagnosed cerebral palsy. Improvements in mobility, gross motor function and increased muscle function were seen. Researchers found children who used vibration therapy as a therapy modality had an increased walking distance, as well as increased sitting, rolling and standing time.

How is Whole Body Vibration Delivered?

When a child stands or places other parts of their body on Hypervibe’s moving platform, the repetitive movement of the platform sends pulses of kinetic energy up through the body. The therapist controls the strength of these energy waves using the machine’s control panel.

Hypervibe Full Body Vibration can be utilized by your physiotherapy or occupational therapy appointments for a variety of different purposes. If you're curious about whether Full Body Vibration is a good option for your child's treatment, please speak with your therapist.

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