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Paediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage Calgary

What is Paediatric Massage For?

Everybody can benefit from massage, and kids receiving massage are no different. It can help regulate the nervous system, assist with calming, help with spasticity, and digestion.

Parents can also utilize massage to ease the physical and mental stresses they experience. With the flexibility to take advantage of massage services during your child’s therapy sessions.

At the Canadian Centre for Development, we offer more traditional forms of massage, as well as fascial stretch therapy.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial stretch therapy is a form of passive facilitated stretching that uses the down-regulation of the nervous system, whereas massage is more manual manipulation of the muscle tissue. FST targets the muscle, joint, and connective tissue and is completely pain free.

Benefits of Pediatric Massage

Since massage therapy assists with emotional regulation, tone and spasticity, range of motion, and pain management, it can create a more enjoyable and productive pediatric physiotherapy or occupational therapy therapy session for the child.


A combination of stretch and soft tissue massage that would assist with lengthening muscle and regulating the nervous system, fostering relaxation. This combination would work immensely well for an adult or child with high spasticity (high tone). 

With children with low tone, we would use more stimulating techniques to assist with tissue health and range of motion. These techniques are a great way to promote the flow of fluids back to the heart, which the muscles of low tone kiddos are not quite as efficient at.

Depending on a child’s needs, massage can be provided either on the table, the floor, in a wheelchair, or a parent’s lap. Additional toys and distractions can also be utilized based on the child’s interests and what keeps them feeling most calm and engaged. The length of treatment is extremely flexible (choose between 25 or 50 minutes) and can easily be adapted based on the child’s tolerance, which may vary day to day.

Massage is immensely complimentary as a pre physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatment or post-treatment experience. Prior to a treatment session, massage can prepare the child’s nervous system to regulate and focus on the task at hand throughout therapy. Similarly, massage after treatment can also assist with regulating the child and allowing them to relax after a strenuous session.

Benefits of Pediatric Massage

Kids can immensely benefit from massage. We especially recommend massage for children on the Autistic Spectrum, kids with hypertonia, kids with sensory regulation challenges, and those with digestive issues. Our Liddle Kidz certified pediatric Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) is knowledgeable about dozens of specialized techniques to help target all of the below areas. 


Improved digestion, including  resolving of constipation.


Reduced tone/spasticity in Hypertonia


Improved range of motion / flexibility

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Reduced joint and muscle pain


Lessened sensitivity to touch and


Improvement mental health and reduced anxiety

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About Liddle Kidz

The only internationally-recognized pediatric touch therapy certification. Medical practitioners certified with Liddle Kidz are taught innovative and non-invasive approaches to address a child's development, treatment and symptomps.  

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