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Spider Cage Therapy

Kids physio Calgary

About the Spider Cage

The Universal Exercise Unit (also known as 'Spider Cage') is a multifunctional tool that can be used for improving range of motion, strength, and flexibility through the use of pulley systems and swings.

How Does the Spider Cage Work?

Different activities of functional training can be practiced in the cage, often with the combination of additional tools, like therapy table and treadmill. Elastic resistance of cords can be used to strengthen the weak muscles, and to provide additional stability in areas where it's most needed.

There's been research done on the use of the Spider Cage with kids with cerebral palsy, however, we believe that it could be of immense value in therapy with all children with gross-motor challenges.

How is the Spider Cage used in Therapy

Physio for kids with disabilities

Typically the Spider Cage is integrated into physiotherapy appointments, and can be used in combination with other therapies, like NMES and Compression Suit.

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