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Stride Right: Pediatric Physiotherapy for Club Feet

Every child deserves the opportunity to take their first steps with confidence and joy. Unfortunately, club feet can present a challenge on this journey. At the Canadian Centre for Development, we believe in the transformative power of pediatric physiotherapy, along with other intervention, to not only correct club feet but to help children step into a future filled with boundless possibilities.


Understanding Club Feet

Clubfoot, a congenital condition where a baby's feet turn inward or downward, affects thousands of children worldwide. While it might seem daunting, timely and targeted intervention can make all the difference. Early intervention is key, and most cases can be successfully corrected without the need for major surgery if treatment begins shortly after birth. The goal of treatment is not just correction of the foot's position but ensuring the child has a functional, pain-free foot that allows for normal activities and development.

Treatment of Club Feet

Clubfoot is a congenital condition where a baby's foot is turned inward and downward, making it difficult to rotate the ankle and point the toes straight. It's a common condition and is usually an isolated birth defect, not associated with any other serious medical conditions. The goal of treatment for clubfoot is to correct the position of the foot to allow for normal function and appearance. Treatment typically begins shortly after birth and may involve one or a combination of methods.

The treatment methods used for club feet typically include some or all of the Ponseti method (manipulation and casting), Tenotomy (minor surgery), bracing, and physiotherapy.

A pediatric physiotherapist will typically work alongside other professionals in assuring that muscle imbalances, flexibility and strength is built within the feet, leading to optimal function and quality of life.

Often, regular check-ups and follow-up appointments are necessary to monitor the progress of the treatment and to address any issues that may arise.

Does you child have Club Feet? Please consult with one of our knowledgeable pediatric physiotherapists on how we can support your child's Club Foot treatment journey.


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