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Canadian Centre For Development (previously SMILE Therapy for Kids) specializes in helping children with developmental delays and disabilities.
We provide Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Massage, Therapy Intensives, Therapy Aides, TrexoRobot, FSCD Contracts and many other services. 


We know the stresses that families experience when a child requires additional support. The appointments are many, and coordinating is a time-sucking task. 

At the Canadian Centre for Development we understand this burden too well and it is why we brought all the services that a family may need under one roof. We'll even take over coordinating all of your practitioner appointments for you, so as create efficiencies and conveniences within the family's schedule. 


For optimal results, have our expert therapists see your child weekly. This will give them an opportunity to push your child to his/her limits, and also continuously tweak the child's home program for optimal results.  

Coming in for weekly visits can also often be funded through FSCD with a Behaviour Developmental Supports (BDS) or Specialized Services contract. 


See us for a Therapy Intensive. It is often during Therapy Intensives that big breakthroughs happen and developmental momentum builds. This is done through a combination of functional activities, high repetition, high intensity, and variety. These breakthroughs can then be more deeply ingrained through the regular therapy that happens, in between intensives, at home and at the clinic. Intensives can run over a period of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the child's endurance and the family's capacity. 


Alberta Families

Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

Did you know that the government of Alberta, under a program called FSCD, can cover $82.66/hr of physiotherapy, $94.76/hr of occupational therapy, and $100.68/hr of speech therapy for your child?

How we work with families

There is no 1 right way to utilize the Canadian Centre for Development. We believe in being flexible and supporting each family in a manner that best suits them. 

Ad-Hoc Appointments

You're busy. We get it. If all you're able to do is pop in once in a blue moon with your child, that is a-ok. We'd still love to see them, provide the needed intervention, and share strategies for you to take home until you see us next. 

Regular Daily/Weekly Services

As Neuroplasticity dictates, repetition and consistency is key to learning and to strengthening good habits. We're happy to help! We're happy to see your child on a regular basis (daily, semi-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc) and help them build and engrain new skills. 

Therapy Intensives

Whether your child has reached a developmental plateau or simply could use some additional momentum in moving forward with their development, a Therapy Intensive may be the answer. This research-backed model is the fastest and most effective model for facilitating change and growth. 

Equipment & Modalities

The more tools there are in our toolbox, the more ways we have to help each and every unique child. 
Spider Cage Universal Exercise Unit.jpg
Dynamic Movement Intervention DMI Calgary
NMES Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation Calgary.png
Trexo Robot Therapy Calgary.png
CME Cuevas Medek Exercise
Vibration therapy with the use of HyperVibe is part of the modalities used within our physiotherapy and occupational therapy practices.
HyperVibe Vibration Therapy
LiteGait Intensive Therapy.jpeg
Feeding Therapy for kids with developmental delays

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